Biggest Mistake Men Make with Women

Posted by on March 31, 2013

Biggest Mistake Men Make with WomenHow to avoid the biggest mistake men make with women

Even a small mistake can damage a relationship for ever. How to avoid the biggest mistake men make with women remains challenged as most men find it difficult to figure out their mistakes and find a solution to it. The fact is that majority of the men commit mistakes unintentionally or without knowing that it is a mistake.

Mistakes men make with women depends on the situation or atmosphere they are in. The author of the famous dating book “Tao of Badass” explains the most common mistakes men make and how to avoid them.

Avoid the following steps to escape from mistakes men make with women

  • Never lean forward to the girl either for talking or listening.
  • Never try to bridge the gap between your mouth and her ear.
  • Never miss a chance to touch her.
  • Never give her so much positive body language.

Suppose you have met a girl in a bar and somehow managed to start a conversation with her. However, you will find it difficult to talk or listen to her as the background will be so noisy. The common thing what majority men do is that, they will lean forward to talk and listen to her. This is one of the biggest mistake men make with women. When you do this, the girl’s sub conscious mind begins to think negative of you.

You must try to build a physical attraction between you and her. Lean to her, not in a forward direction, but in perpendicular to her position. This will make her lean towards you to talk and listen, which in turn ignites a physical attraction towards you, since the mind follows the body. There are a lot of common mistakes men make with women and “The Tao of Badass” outlines almost all tips to avoid these mistakes and make a good relationship with your girl.

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