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Posted by on March 22, 2013

get-a-girls-phone-numberHow to get a Girls Phone Number

After meeting a girl and taking to her, the next thing you want is her number and this will make you search for various ways to get a girls phone number. It is not a good practice to ask her number in front of all, as this will make a bad feeling in her mind. By doing this the girl may try to keep away from you, making all your efforts in vain.

If you are trying to get a girls phone number directly from her in a formal way, she may hesitate to give it. She may think that you will be going to disturb her throughout and try to make her your girl friend. It is a common feeling of the girls and a variety of ways to get a girls phone number in an effortless manner is detailed in “the Tao of Badass system”.

Avoid the following to get a girls phone number

  • Never beg for her number
  • Do not stare at her
  • Never wind up your conversation too fast after getting her number

Do not beg or ask repeatedly for a girl’s number, which will make your value go down and the girl will be so frustrated that she will start ignoring you. The tips will help you to get her number during your conversation and by handing your phone to her. Relive her from all the risks and make her feel that she will be comfortable with you. After getting her number, make sure that you do not end up the conversation very fast, try to talk with her at least for five minutes before you go. Follow the each and every step in the Tao of Badass book, and you will find it very easy to get a girls phone number.

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