How to attract women with your walk with the Tao System

Posted by on April 14, 2013

How To attract women with your walkAttract women with your walk

What do you think as the first thing that a girl will see in you? Most probably, the girl will be watching you from a long distance itself. Men will not be noticing it and walk to them without knowing that he is being watched. So it is your walk that matters. Girls always give much attention to the way a man walks and men will be surprised to know that you can attract women with your walk.

“The Tao of Badass” explains in details how your style of walking can be improved and pulls the girls towards, as if you were a magnet. Most men do not walk properly, which shows that they are not confident.

Steps to avoid while walking

  • Never lean forward.
  • Never look downwards or to the ground always.
  • Never puff your chest out.
  • Never stop practicing the good habits even though you may fall down at times.

The way you walk will help to create a great positive impact on the mind of people, and make you hold a special place in the first instance itself. This will “attract women with your walk” as the steps you take will reflect your confidence level. It will be better, if you look forward and take firm steps. Avoid looking to the ground as most people do it to make sure, that they do not step into anything else, which will make them falls down.

Falling down in the midst of a crowd will be embarrassing. If you take confident steps with broad shoulders, people will move out of the way and look at you with great attraction. Keep the eye level, shoulders down and back and maintain a line. All the tips to make your walking style perfect are sketched in the Tao of Badass ebook, which will help you attract women with your walk.

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