Tao of Badass – First Kiss

Posted by on February 21, 2013

Tao of Badass Advice – First Kiss

Tao of Badass Advice – First Kiss, The first kiss is very important for men and women. Quite complex and powerful emotions felt during a first kiss. Most of young guys and young girls don’t know to “First Steps” of “First Kiss”.  As i told you this is complex situation. Is he or she ready? What he or she feeling about you? There are quite a lot of bad experience. Sometimes young men think that their girlfriend’s is ready to first kiss. But the reality is different. Also even she is ready, young men don’t know what to do?

If there are somebody has first kiss experience who is reading this article they know what i am telling about. Anyway, luckily there is a guide which name is “The Tao Of  Badass System”. This guide is teaching everything about the girls. First kiss, First dating, How to approach the girl, Conversation with girl, Text messaging etc. If you don’t know right tactics you have to read it. Click here and Download The Tao Of Badass PDF.

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Tao Of Badass’s Advice about First Kiss

  • Be Sure

Be sure yourself ( for men). Women don’t like men who unsure and ashamed. First of all abstain direct eye contact. Because women can see details more than us. We can’t notice something on her eyes. But She can do. So be sure, be determined.

  • Look her eyes

The body language is the key of relationship. Maybe women don’t tell something with words but they tell everything with their body language. If a woman wants to kiss you, you can know this. How? Look her eyes and follow. If she looking your lips and eyes she wants to kiss you.

  • Hand Contact

Kissing like a ceremony. There should be some steps before. And of the day you will touch her lips. But before do it you should touch to her. Touch her shoulder, touch her neck, touch her hand. Hold her hand. Keep continue to talk when touching her. You have know your limit. You never touch her breast and under salty

  • Cheek Kiss

If you ready to kiss you should kiss her cheek. Cheek kiss is a candid. By this way she can relax. Don’t hurry up. Cheek kiss can open the way of next step.

  • Whisper in her ear

When you are kissing her cheek, you can whisper in her ear something. Something like romantic words. All of this period you will understand the correct time of lips kiss. If you are touching her shoulder or neck in this time you can noticed her breath and heartbeat.

First Kiss Simple With Tao Of Badass System

I have collected all of this information from Tao Of Badass System. I think you should read from correct place. Please Download The Tao Of Badass PDF and watch the videos. You can read a lot of advice about Dating, First kiss, messaging etc.

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