The Tao System: What to say to a girl

Posted by on March 19, 2013

What to say to a women at the first encounterWhat to say to a girl at the first encounter

Suppose you are walking through the street, suddenly your eyes get stuck to a beautiful girl, who was standing on the side alone, and slowly she grabs your attention. You wish to talk to her, but something from the inner mind holds you back as you are confused with what to say to a girl you have just met. Most men have faced such situations, and a majority of them didn’t make a try to talk as they lacked confidence.

If you follow the Tao of Badass system, the question of what to say to a girl will not prevent you from making a move, as the author explains how to started and make her talkative. Take advantage of this kind of situation where 99% of men fail by knowing how to handle and win her at the first encounter itself.

Things you should avoid while trying to speak to a woman for the first time

  • Keep off the thought that she is hot.
  • Never make your speech boring.
  • Never discuss of the costly assets, such as car or something to her.
  • Do not be physically aggressive.

If you consider a woman to be hot, then you will be so excited that you will speak out all the nonsense, which will make you regret later. Just consider her to be cute or adorable. Try to speak funny, may be irrelevant to content, just to occupy her ears and your mouth– known as content free conversations. Such conversations can make a response in her, whilst your body language will be building the attraction.

Maintain body language, just turn slightly to sideways, have your shoulder facing her and speak over the shoulders to make her feel that you are not giving all your attention to her. All such kind of bender techniques are disclosed in the Tao of Badass program, which will help you to speak to any woman without worrying what to say to a girl.

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