What to Say to a Woman

Posted by on April 8, 2013

what to say to a womanHow do you know what to say to a woman

Men get puzzled, when someone asks them what to say to a woman as they themselves do not know what and how to do. Meeting a woman of your choice, getting in contact with her seems easy for some attractive men, but there are a lot of things they need to know to maintain the good relationship between women or other people.

As per the Tao of Badass program, there are 4 major stages, and in each stage you will be experiencing different things. Building the attraction is the first stage and in the second stage you will be creating emotional connection and transfer your emotions. In the third stage, named seduction stage, where you bring the sexuality out, and in the final stage, you will balance the key 4 components in a relationship. Most men find it difficult to understand in which stage they are in, thereby making it more difficult to know what to say to a woman.

Things to avoid

  • Never do any guess work about the stage you are in.
  • Never do anything, unless you completely understand the body language of the girl.

The Tao of Badass ebook, allows acting in advance, saving you from so many risks, as it enables you to see things in advance. Study of the body language of others will help you to find out in which stage you are currently in. The Tao of Badass gives you the complete description of your body language, as well as the girls, to give you a clear picture of which stage you are in and which stage the girl is in.  Tao of Badass gives you tons of ideas, to actually figure out what to say to a woman or to understand her feelings towards you. Follow the matrix of Tao of Badass and work according to that to obtain maximum benefit.

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